Update on the progress of our film

In April of this year, I finished work on my documentary collaboration with JA reggae legend Winston “Flames” Jarrett. The film premiered at the Jamaica International Reggae Film Festival this summer. In the fall, our film was screened at the unparalleled Scarecrow Video (greatest video store in the world). There was also a massive party celebrating our film–featuring none other than up-and-coming Jamaican singer Turbulence.

Now we’ve applied for next year’s Seattle International Film Festival. Since Winston lives in Seattle and most of the filmmaking was done in Seattle, we have high hopes that the film will screen at SIFF. The film had a world premiere in Jamaica and some preview screenings in Seattle, but we haven’t actually had a US premiere yet. SIFF would be the perfect place for that.

In other news, we’re talking with a few people about DVD distribution and a limited number of DVDs have been produced. If you’re interested in checking out the film, DVDs are available for $20 plus shipping and handling. I can take credit or debit card payments by PayPal and we’ll have the DVD at your doorstep a couple days later. Just email nic.nakis@gmail.com for details.

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