True Born African: The Story of Winston “Flames” Jarrett

A few years ago, my friend Winston Jarrett and I set out on a long journey.  It started out as a couple little video interviews that we thought we’d put together into some kind of online clip about Winston and his career in reggae music.  Then it involved into a bigger idea: a documentary.  We ran a Kickstarter campaign and traveled to Jamaica to film.  There were hundreds of hours of editing.  The film was completed in April of 2013, when we released it for sale on DVD (only available at Winston’s shows).  We had a festival premiere at the Jamaican International Reggae Film Festival that summer, as well as a premiere party and screenings in Seattle.  In the intervening period, we’ve just been trying to find wider distribution for the film.  Finally, today, we decided to release the film for free on YouTube.  So, here it is for all to see.  We hope you enjoy it.

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