End of Summer Update

Wow! This summer has been very busy, but I can’t complain. Production is treating me well.

The sunny season started with some animated Microsoft web videos for Piranha Productions. This stuff was very different, using still photos to animate human-based characters in a 3-D world of cardboard cutouts. Cool ideas from the genius Mark Mirabile.

I’ve also been preoccupied with the editing of my feature length documentary True Born African: The Story of Winston “Flames” Jarrett. Integrating the footage I shot in Jamaica with stuff we shot in Seattle over the past couple of years. I also sent a cameraman to Reggae on the River in Humboldt, CA to film Winston’s summer festival performance. Big thanks to Chad Johnson for the stellar footage!

Then there was a brief foray into political ads with a Washington Education Association PAC commercial by Michael Cuddy Media. Glad to be of help.

Then back over to Piranha for a series of hilarious product-info comedy videos for Brooks Running. These were four comedies introducing new fall products that people will do anything to get their hands on. I even got to act in a couple of the videos. Just saw finished cuts the other day and they were laugh-out-loud funny thanks to Mirabile’s big brain.

Then I got busy on the Play Piano In A Flash infomercial for Time Life. Scott Houston, the Piano Guy from PBS, is giving 30 people in the Seattle-area a chance to learn piano over a five week period. We gave away 30 pianos and we’re following the participants reality-show style. Thanks to head honcho Richard Martin, I’m even learning to play piano myself!

And, just yesterday, I found out that the music video I did for reggae singer Emmanuel B is now airing on TV in Jamaica! Thanks to Mike Yah (Phunytuni Afrokani) for the editing.

Big things. More to come in the fall. Keep your eyes peeled for info on the True Born African screening parties as we showcase the work-in-progress and hopefully screen a final cut very soon.

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