…and the documentary is finished.

I’m pleased to announce the completion of our documentary film!

True Born African
The Story of Winston “Flames” Jarrett

This film follows Winston “Flames” Jarrett, who tells us in his own words about his life as a Founding Father of Reggae music. He takes us to his old neighborhoods in Jamaica and his new home in Seattle, Washington, sharing stories about the music and the philosophy that have kept him going for 6 decades in the music business.

Next steps: we’ve had some festivals ask about the film, so we’ll be sending it out to fests for sure. Two festivals that I know will screen it are Reggae Film Festival UK and Northwest World Reggae Festival.

We’re getting some DVDs ready for sale, but for people to enjoy the film in full HD quality, we’ll also distribute it online. I’m looking into that.

Some good trailers are on the way, along with screening and distribution announcements, like where to find the film online.

“Yekuna Amlak”
Let it be done by JAH

True Born African

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