Empty Sea Studios Webcasts

“Though one of Seattle’s smallest music venues, Empty Sea Studios has built an unmatched reputation in the past three years for uncompromising sound, a lineup of national and international artists, and a music-focused experience. It’s no wonder that most shows sell out the venue’s 40-seat capacity.”

This is an excerpt of last week’s press release announcing the introduction of webcasts from Empty Sea Studios. The Phinney neighborhood’s folk music venue now streams live video of many performances to the world wide web. These high-quality webcasts feature a live-switched program with multiple cameras and professionally mixed sound that puts you right in the audience. Afterward, these performances also become available on-demand.

I will be operating some of the cameras at these shows, including some slick robot-cams! Hopefully, our eminent Technical Directors Paul Thompson and Paul Cranefield will also teach me how to TD a live show.

Great live music, streamed worldwide, and I get to be a part of it. Awesome.

Our Next Show
The Next Live Webcast from Empty Sea
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