New Podcast Appearance

Check out this podcast I did this summer with Benjamin Hampton for the Seattle Film Institute podcast series. I attended SFI way back in 2000 and 2001 and it was cool to talk with him about that experience and the long road I’ve traveled since then, up to the making of my latest film Reach […]

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Reach For The Rings now on TUBI!

What would happen if you crossed CrossFit with the Olympics? You’d get the International Functional Fitness Federation, the global governing body for the sport of Functional Fitness, with an aim of reaching the Olympic Games in 2028. Reach For The Rings tells the story of the USA Functional Fitness team’s quest to dominate the podiums […]

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Reach For The Rings now available in the USA & Canada

Reach For The Rings is available now throughout the USA & Canada!   Find it at the links below:  Video-On-Demand iTunes: Google Play: Microsoft Xbox: Vimeo: VUDU: YouTube: Fandango: DVD & Blu-ray Amazon: Walmart: FYE: Best Buy: Barnes & Noble: Yes […]

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Update on the progress of our film

In April of this year, I finished work on my documentary collaboration with JA reggae legend Winston “Flames” Jarrett. The film premiered at the Jamaica International Reggae Film Festival this summer. In the fall, our film was screened at the unparalleled Scarecrow Video (greatest video store in the world). There was also a massive party […]

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The Details – Now In Theaters

In 2009, I had the pleasure of working on a little independent Seattle film called “The Details”, but it certainly wasn’t as little as the other independent films I’ve been a part of. This film featured stars like Spiderman’s Tobey Maguire, along with Elizabeth Banks, Ray Liotta, Laura Linney, Dennis Haysbert, and Kerry Washington. Writer/Director […]

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Some footage from the upcoming documentary, “True Born African” Winston ‘Flames’ Jarrett Gladstone Grant of the Maytones Byron George Whyte of the original Itals (1960s) & The youth of Jamestown, JA Singing ‘Rocksteady’

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End of Summer Update

Wow! This summer has been very busy, but I can’t complain. Production is treating me well. The sunny season started with some animated Microsoft web videos for Piranha Productions. This stuff was very different, using still photos to animate human-based characters in a 3-D world of cardboard cutouts. Cool ideas from the genius Mark Mirabile. […]

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cryp·to·zo·ol·o·gy [krip-toh-zoh-ol-uh-jee] noun The study of evidence tending to substantiate the existence of, or the search for, creatures whose reported existence is unproved, as the Abominable Snowman or the Loch Ness monster. This is also the name of a video I worked on for Piranha Productions and Brooks Running Shoes in the spring. Our story […]

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Live Shows at Empty Sea Studios

For the past few months, I’ve been moonlighting as a camera operator at Empty Sea Studios. Empty Sea is a folk and acoustic music venue in Phinney Ridge that seats a very intimate little crowd, but also webcasts live over the internet to viewers all around the world. On the following three clips, I ran […]

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New Music Video for Emmanuel B

The original “Emmanuel B”, conscious reggae singer from Portmore, Jamaica. He is the son of Elbert Stewart, harmony singer from crucial Studio One rocksteady/reggae trio The Cables. As a Nyahbinghi Rastafari, Emmanuel B makes culture reggae music with a positive message: let us all come together to put an end to war and injustice by […]

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Kickstarter Project Succeeds!

Thanks to all of our generous contributors, the Kickstarter campaign for True Born African: The Story of Winston Jarrett was a success! We reached 101% of our funding goal as of 6pm Thursday the 15th of March.  If you didn’t get a chance to contribute to this, but would still like to support the film, […]

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Empty Sea Studios Webcasts

“Though one of Seattle’s smallest music venues, Empty Sea Studios has built an unmatched reputation in the past three years for uncompromising sound, a lineup of national and international artists, and a music-focused experience. It’s no wonder that most shows sell out the venue’s 40-seat capacity.” This is an excerpt of last week’s press release […]

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Tanda Zap Testimonials

Earlier this year I worked as testimonial producer on a project for the Tanda Zap, a blue-light device that eliminates acne.  We profiled a dozen real people who used the Zap and got real results.  The agency was Cesari Direct and my boss was creative director/executive producer Richard Martin.  The other stars of this show were […]

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Microsoft Songsmith Commercial

I served as Production Assistant on this web commercial a couple years back. The spot was featured on Best Week Ever, made it into the New York Times, and NPR called it “brilliant and awful”. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Here’s the original video on YouTube: Click here for the […]

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Dance Jenkins Dance

One of my wife’s friends is a modern dancer and she’s been rehearsing like crazy for a big show in December. The show’s creator and choreographer, Shirley Jenkins, asked me to record a video of the performance. Last week, I made her a short preview video for Kickstarter so that she can raise some money […]

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I am now a Microsoft vendor!

I’m proud to announce that I am now an official Microsoft V-dash. Thanks to John Moffitt at Mighty Media Studios for bringing me into the fold. Mighty Media What does it mean? Aside from my new privileges at Microsoft, it should also mean a lot more corporate video work for me in Redmond. With access […]

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Eloi: Taste of the Caribbean

This is a short cooking video I put together on a low budget for my friend Johnny Casimir. We’re planning to do more cooking videos like this in the future. Johnny is a caterer with Eloi: Taste of the Caribbean. His company services major events and festivals like the Bite of Seattle, Taste of Tacoma, […]

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The Microsoft Small Business Summits

In March of 2008, Microsoft debuted the Microsoft Small Business Summit. From Microsoft Studios in Redmond, several days of live programming streamed over the internet to millions of viewers around the world. The focus of the program was entrepreneurship, especially the issues faced by small business owners. We saw high-profile guest speakers, roundtable discussions, and […]

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Check out BizKid$ on PBS

BizKid$ is one of Seattle’s only locally produced network TV shows. Another hit from the team that brought you Almost Live and Bill Ne the Science Guy. Biz Kids I had the pleasure of working on the Grip and Lighting crew during the second season of BizKid$. I actually appeared in one episode! To watch […]

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Red Ocean Films

As seniors in the Entrepreneurship program at the University of Washington Business School (now Foster School of Business), we were required to operate small student businesses in a limited time frame. My team decided to start a film distribution company specializing in short films. I served as the Executive Producer of the first Red Ocean […]

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At The Back Of The North Wind

In the summer of 2005, the University of Washington tried something new. This was the summer of the first full immersion feature filmmaking course, presented by the Digital Art and Experimental Media (DXarts) program. I had the pleasure of serving as Assistant Director on the film, which was titled, “At The Back Of The North […]

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